Pantene & Lucy Edwards

‘I’m not just blind, I’m Lucy’

Pantene ambassador and disability activist Lucy Edwards is making waves in the beauty industry.

The very well-known social media influencer, who you might have seen her on TikTok, where she’s often using her platform to spread awareness about life as a blind person and also as a joyfully authentic 27-year-old.

I was very fortunate to spend a few hours with Lucy and capture these images of her.

The Open University

Recently I was commissioned by Havas Worldwide London, to shoot alongside the very talented and humble director Malik Vital for The Open University.

Barclaycard Business

With limited resources, light and of course time, working alongside director Jeff Low is never a problem when shooting alongside tv.

Here’re some images from the latest Barclaycard commercial that I was commissioned to photograph.

Specsavers Clinical Journey

During the global Pandemic, I was commisioned by Specsavers, to capture these images of their staff members and the general public around a typical day in one of their high street stores.

Photographing highly trained staff using high tech machinery such as OCT machines, Slit lamps and very skilled optoms using a optimaolscope & other equipment on their customers.

Sadly due the what was going on in the world, we were unable to shoot in a proper store, so me and my talented team recreated the scenes in a studio and built the scenarios all from scratch.

Take a look at some bts photos to see how we did it.

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