Toyota - Lets Go Beyond

Toyota is pleased to announce sports star and pundit Billy Monger as a new brand ambassador, taking up his role as the company launches its major new Let’s Go Beyond campaign.

Billy Monger is an inspirational individual who overcame a life-changing motor racing accident, rebuilding his sporting career and becoming a nationally respected figure as a commentator, pundit and champion of parasports. I was very fortunate to document stills alongside the brilliant Max Fisher who directed the fantastic and very moving commercial.

Uber One

When Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield caught up with De Niro, I was there with my camera take a few frames. Fantastic new work for Uber One, thanks Mother London for having me along. The stills campaign were all shot alongside director David Shane. If you haven’t seen it, find it and watch it now, it’s very funny!

Specsavers Global

New work for Specsavers and a global campaign, photographing portraits that are live all over their website for their new range of glasses & contact lenses. 

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